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Sensual Massage

A sensual massage is a deeply intimate and pleasurable experience that encompasses various techniques and focuses on awakening the senses and promoting relaxation and connection. This form of massage often involves gentle touch and can include the pelvic region, where the body’s sensual energy resides. in some cases, a prostate massage may be incorporated to provide additional pleasure and stimulate the male erogenous zone. For women, the massage may also involve the yoni, the Sanskrit term for the female genitalia, to awaken and honour her sensual energy. A tantric approach to massage to the massage is often embraced, focusing on the harmonization of body, mind, and spirit, creating a profound and transformative experience for both the giver and receiver.

Professional Massage

A professional massage offers a range of therapeutic techniques tailored to promote relaxation, relieve tension, and enhance overall well-being. One popular style is the swedish massage, characterized by long, flowing strokes that improve blood circulation and induce a state of deep relaxation. For those seeking a more intense experience, deep tissue massage targets deeper layers of  muscle and fascia, using firm pressure to alleviate chronic pain and tension. Hot stone massage incorporates smooth, heated stones placed on specific points of the body, allowing the warmth to penetrate muscles and facilitate deep relaxation. Acupressure focuses on applying precise pressure to specific points along the body’s energy meridians to release blockages and promote balance. Skilled goddesses also employ techniques that nurture the hands and feet, providing relief and relaxation to these often neglected areas. Each modality brings its unique benefits, ensuring a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience for clients seeking professional massage services.

Explore Inner Fantasies

Massage can be versatile and pleasurable activity that can incorporate elements of fetish, role play, BDSM, and fantasy. Within the realm of fetish, massages can be tailored to cater to specific interest and desires, creating an immersive and deeply satisfying experience. Role play can be integrated into the massage session, allowing participants to explore different personas and scenarios, heightening the overall excitement and intensity. For those interested in BDSM, massages can be infused with power dynamics , restraints, and sensory play, providing a unique blend of pain and pleasure. finally, massages can also serve as a canvas for fulfilling.

  • Sensual massage – pelvic, prostate, yoni, Nuru, tantric

  • Professional full body massage – Swedish, deep tissue. hot stone, acupressure, head & foot and aromatherapy.

  • Explore inner fantasies –  BDSM, fetish, fantasy and Role play 



WE offer sensuality as a therapy of relaxation without crossing the line. Our Goddesses are fully trained in professional full body massage as well as in sensual and erotic massage using elements of Tantric massage techniques.

Discreet, private, fresh and easy to find! On-suite and heated rooms!


Should you wish to work for us contact us and we will request the information we require.

233 Neptune Street 

Erasmusrand/ Waterkloof Ridge Pretoria East:

TEL:012 347 4370/ 012 347 0087


Email: goddessesplace@ yahoo.com

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